Just ride your motorcycle onto the MotoPark, set it on its stand and get off your bike. You can then easily turn your bike around 180░ by releasing the spring lock and pushing your bike around to the position where it is ready to leave again forwards! Your MotoPark is great for your garage, shed, or anywhere else that you wish to park your motorcycle.
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Rotary Parking
for motorcycles

No more difficult maneuvers
to exit the garage.
An innovative turntable for your motorcycle.
Made by: Les Industries Fortrex
151 Des Ateliers, Lavaltrie, QC J5T 3R3
Spend more time on the road, and less time manouvering around your garage!
MotoPark, Fortrex Industries,151 Des AteliersLavaltrie, QC Canada  J5T 3R3